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We have a new adventure with our friend C. Tracy and I had arranged for a hotel in London with an early check -in before noon. Tracy is 48, but at day 10 with a body 30 and 32dd tits and a perfect size Tracy and I traveled together by train and had more seats, if they hit the legs, the tips of her stockings could . He wore a blue shirt underneath and a pink top with a strap - ping at the top Basque was a short blue skirt. Knowing what would happen, I had keandra a huge erection. arrived at the hotel and checked in and booked a table for lunch ( 3) and then waited at the bar in C. The wine, and drank champagne and talked about work, etc. waqs our table ready. When we entered the restaurant we decided to just one main course and wine. While waiting keandra for the C - food slid his hand up the leg of Tracy until she felt her thong all the time we talk about mundane things, twisted and said Tracy C. keandra , How wet thong was. The food arrived and after they were completed and C Tracy hit would be keandra to go to the room and I would go in 15 minutes. I agreed and noted his left arm in arm and I stayed and signed for lunch and then read the newspaper. was difficult in the news, thinking about what was going to concentrate on the top. Finally, the 15 minutes, and I went to our room. When I opened the door and entered the first time I saw a trail of clothes, a skirt and blouse Tracey, and C - shoes, pants, shirt, socks and underwear. in bed kissing Tracey was naked in the back keandra with C, and I saw he had put aside her thong and had two fingers inside her. They were blind to me and I took keandra off my clothes and sat on the side of the bed to watch. C raised the Basque and sucked her nipples. Tracy was a hot show stockinged legs wide with her black high heels in the air, moaning in pleasure as C continues sucking tits and pussy wet finger. I am movingd out of bed and opened a bottle of champagne to share for all of us. I poured a glass of Tracy C and then slid on his back and slid over his cock 10 inches, rubbed it a wonderful sight ! Tracy something sparkling on her nipples and said sucking C while she took it. Heard in C, and then took a break while I had a turn. This lasted for about an hour alternately each other and then spit out your tan, it was fantastic. Tracy lay on his back, and I was fucking while sucking CC when he said he wanted to come on her tits. She masturbated while splashing shit with her ​​and then continue on it, it loads and NHA told me to come and Tracy said she arrived, so I pulled out and my burden is added to C. Tracy rubbed our cum all over her chest. The three of us went back to bed and drank champagne. C. Tracy and then keandra shared a shower, I looked through the open door only a keandra soaping the body and then grabbed her from behind, smiling at the door where would know is to see. C went home soon after, and who were convicted of the night. We do it again very soon and could do with some ideas of the imagination to do to play. Of course all this happens, just change the name
Par keandra-ah
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